3 Projects To Add To Your To-Do List This Summer

There’s something about the sunshine…and for us, it’s the perfect time to add some projects to your to-do list that may have been put off during those cold weather months! Whether it’s pressure washing your deck, building an outdoor kitchen, or replacing your roof, you can’t go wrong with a little spring cleaning!

Here are three simple things you can add to your warm weather to-do list:

Pressure Washing Your Deck

  1. We all know how gross backyard decks can get because of everything and anything that Mother Nature throws on them during those colder months and that’s why summer is the perfect time to go out and give it a good power wash! If you’re doing this project by yourself, be careful not to use too much pressure because while they produce excellent results, pressure washers are also extremely powerful.

Head Outdoors For Your Summer Meals

2. Building an outdoor kitchen is a great way to spend even more time outside with your family. There are so many creative and cool ways to go about building an outdoor kitchen, but we recommend connecting with a Service Professionals on the EasyBids app to make your outdoor kitchen dreams a reality!

Time to Re-Roof

3. Warmer months are the perfect time to replace your roof. Make missing shingles and leaks a thing of the past by tackling this project with one of our incredible Service Professionals. Getting up on your roof may sound intimidating, but there are a large number of professionals looking to help you get the job done safely and correctly!

These are just some of the recommendations for your warmer weather projects, but which ones would you add to your to-do list? Making your home a summer oasis doesn’t have to be hard and there is no better time to take advantage of the beautiful weather and create a space you’re proud to show off. Share your project needs and outcomes with us @easybids on Instagram and download our app to get started!