5 Ways Service Professionals Can Scale Their Business With Easy Bids

Are you a Service Professional looking to diversify your business and spend more time working on projects you’re passionate about? Easy Bids is the answer. Check out these five ways you can easily scale your business with the help of Easy Bids.

Save Time and Focus On What Matters

  1. Driving around town to get estimates on jobs is a thing of the past! With Easy Bids, you directly bid on projects through the app at no cost, which means you’ll spend less time on the road and more time focusing on growing your business.

Jobs For Every Service Professionals

2. On Easy Bids, jobs aren’t just in one category, they can involve anything from flooring to plumbing to electrical, and so much more! Easy Bids provides a variety of jobs and allows you to bid on the ones you think are the best fit, so there’s no limit to what you can do!

Easy Bids is Detail-Oriented

3. At Easy Bids, we know in any job, details are important. The app is set up to ask for specific dimensions, details of the job, pictures and anything else related to the job prior to listing so you aren’t left wondering what the project will require.

Real Conversations, Real Projects

4. Behind every project is a real customer and with the Q&A chat feature, you can directly connect with the customer to ask questions without the hassle of setting up a meeting or phone call.

Painless Payment Process

5. Electronic payment is becoming more popular and with so many applications to choose from, finding one that works for both you and the customer can be a pain. With Easy Bids, you don’t have to worry about receiving payment, customers pay you directly on site by check, simplifying the process and saving you time and energy to use on your next project .

If you’re looking for a tool to add to your belt, Easy Bids is the app for you. Save time, find the job that best suits you, know the details, connect with customers and easily get paid all by using Easy Bids.