Ways to Prepare Your Home for Winter!

We are here for you - even during the holiday season! This year’s holidays may look a little different, but preparing your home for winter is still a necessary part of maintaining your home.

Whether you are up for  DIY maintenance or hiring one of our service pros to help you out - check out these tips on how to prepare your home for winter and the holiday season!

  1. Whether you live in sunny California or chilly Nebraska, always check out your roof for damages from the sun or rainy weather. Your roof is the one of the most crucial parts of your home. Leaks and breaks can cause problems or allow for animals, mold, or other bacteria to enter your home.

2. With winter and the colder weather beginning, we typically see an increase in electricity bills and overall usage during the holiday season. One quick tip to help save on costly or older heating systems is to reverse your ceiling fan to warm up your home! This is also a great tip for those without fireplaces or heating systems!

3. Clean your gutters! In an article from Kiplinger, “If your gutters are full of detritus, water can back up against the house and damage roofing, siding and wood trim -- plus cause leaks and ice dams.”. Check your gutters or hire a professional to help clean them!

We hope these tips will help you prepare your home for the winter and holiday season! For more tips on how to prepare your home check out 15 Ways to Prepare Your Home for Winter.