How to build client relationships to strengthen your small business

Building client relationships is something that will look different for every person based on how you typically interact with people.  Relationships with clients are ultimately what is going to keep them coming back for your work and what is going to push them to refer you to their friends.  Good client relationships is one of the best ways to strengthen your business.

  1. Go the extra mile

Clients LOVE seeing you prioritize them!  Going the extra mile for a client that is going to keep coming back to you is absolutely worth it in the long run.  Going the extra mile can look like:

  • Taking notes in a meeting
  • Bringing them a coffee or a treat
  • Accepting last minute work that they give you
  • etc.!

2. Listen to what they want

Even though you are the professional, make sure you listen to what the client is asking for.  “The customer is always right” may be a cliche, but bears some truth!  

3. Mistakes happen

Taking responsibility for your mistakes with a client shows them that you care about their projects.  We’re human; mistakes are inevitable and it reflects much better on your character if you are upfront and honest.

4. Always follow-up

Have you ever had a meeting with someone and they didn’t follow-up afterwards? It is important to take notes and stay on top of the work a client gives to you.  Following up with them after shows that you are truly prioritizing their needs.

5. Make it easy

Make sure your client knows that you are going to do the heavy lifting of this project.  Let them know that you are a professional and that they have nothing to worry about.  This will take a weight off their shoulders and will build their trust in you.