How to get Google and Yelp ID for Easybids App

The last step to becoming an Easybids service provider includes adding your Yelp ID and Google ID’s, which will help prove your authenticity.


To get your Yelp ID, all you’ve got to do is click on the below link & sign up. This helps customers view your business reviews. Then, add your business & category, e.g. Plumbing, Painting, Construction, etc. As you click on your business account, it will take you to the next page whose URL will be as below

Copy & paste your Yelp ID i.e, the last part of the URL that appears after /biz/ during the 3rd & final stage of provider sign-up on the Easybids Provider App.


Getting your Google ID (Place ID) is as simple as the above process. Click on the above URL & enter your business name in the ‘Search Bar’. This should return a Google ID that you can simply copy & paste during the final stage of provider sign-up