Transition from dead leads to paying projects!

Service Professionals and subcontractors win projects through bids and bid proposals, which can be a really stressful job to do. Many factors in the bid proposal decide whether the project is finalized or not, like service expertise, experience, accurate math and take offs, break down of the project finances, questionnaire to describe the project well, showcase of licensing etc. to ensure if the project fits perfectly or not. The success rate of the bidding process is one of the determining factors of the profit margin that the Service Professionals might make for the year.

Most of the time Service Professionals might unknowingly lose their time in search of a project and bid proposals that might not get approved and lose jobs as well as waste effort. Sometimes they are unaware of the mistakes that they are making probably in the bid proposal process which gives them a hard time to search for leads. Easy Bids as a company is acting as a solution provider to these problems faced by service providers/ Service Professionals through their app that makes the bidding process easier and simpler.

It acts as a bridge between the Service Professionals and customers who want their house-hold works, repairs, home improvement projects to be completed. The main goal of the app is to make sure that the workflow is as smooth as possible for the both. The Easy Bids team has made sure that the app is easy to use and engage which increases the credibility and reliability of the provider and his/her services to the customer.

Let’s take a quick look on how it can benefit you using an online platform instead of the traditional bidding process:

  • Bid on projects in real time
    No more house/site visits that don’t turn into awarded projects. The online platforms like Easy Bids makes sure you bid for the projects posted by customers in real time. No more paying for leads that don’t convert. No more paying for phone numbers. You get the projects that suit your skills/expertise the best.
  • Get notified when the bid is accepted

Get connected with your customers through an email after they put a deposit for the job. Get instant notification on the application when the bid is accepted by the client.

  • Get started
    You can take a final site walk if required and provide your client with the final contract, timeline and payment schedule. Upon completion of the project upload pictures and get reviews from your clients to improve your bid approval rates.

With a wide range of service categories on the online platform, Easy Bids has created a platform with many job opportunities and made it easy for the Service Professionals and customers to interact with each other and get the work done. The wide variety of services provided by the platform range from solar panel cleaning, bathroom and kitchen remodeling, plumbing to moving and storing, general labor among many others. This has been a revolutionary step in the industry which has taken into consideration the ease of usage and customer satisfaction along with the employers.

With the changing times, everything around us is changing too. The technological advancements has led to the innovation of online platforms like these which has made the experience of renovating, building or repairing your house less stressful and also made the bidding process shorter and easier for Service Professionals and service providers.