What does the “new normal” look like and how will it affect essential workers?

These are trying times for all of us, and we are all doing our part, but what about those on the front lines of society? Those who cannot work from home? Every job is important, but those that require going out everyday deserve an extra round of applause.

And yes! This includes Service Professionals. So what do we know about on-going projects during this COVID-19 pandemic and how we will move forward? For the time being, construction work is often included on the list of essential business, particularly if it relates to utilities, telecommunications, transportation, and healthcare infrastructure. These are all essential to a functioning community, especially while we are all at home. While this is true, companies should still check state and city orders for specific guidelines to know which projects can continue and which must come to a halt.

Besides these types of projects, general Service Professionals that are working on homes, businesses, and other sites should go out of their way to communicate more with the owner during this pandemic. Even if there are no regulations halting a project, the best way to ensure all parties involved are taken care of is to open clear and concise lines of communication.

A Service Professional should notify the owner as soon as possible of: the extent to which the project is being affected by COVID-19, the steps the Service Professional is taking to proceed with the work in a safe and appropriate manner, or if necessary, to temporarily suspend work, and the ways in which COVID-19 is affecting or may affect the project cost and schedule. While these times are uncertain for everyone, knowing the long lasting effects of this crisis is important now more than ever. Creating leads in an efficient and effective manner is going to be key to staying afloat in the pool of essential workers. This can easily be done by downloading the Easy Bids App and starting the process to becoming a certified bidder on projects in your surrounding area.

The “new normal” may prevent even simple things such as face to face meetings for a while longer, and while many things are moving to the digital space for the first time, Easy Bids is a seasoned and well tested vessel to connect the consumer and Service Professional with a few clicks of a button. Chasing down leads may not look the same for a long time, and what better way to set yourself up for success than by trusting your business to Easy Bids!