Bored in the House? Same. Let’s Renovate!

Out here in California, the land of sunshine, the social distancing policy is still in full effect and I think it is safe to say we are all going a little stir crazy. With all of this time at home has it also made you reflect on if you even like the space you live in?

Speak for yourself, but all of those home renovations I never got around to are now laughing at me and now I have to avoid my kitchen! So if you are like me and want to stop avoiding the spots in your house that are in need of some TLC take a peek at these suggestions below.

Let’s Renovate:

1.Start small with some reorganization! Maybe channel some Marie Kondo and ask yourself if it brings you joy to get rid of your 100th ceramic coffee mug.

2.When in doubt paint it white! Any old desk, outdated cabinets, or chipped coffee table can look refreshed with a coat of white paint.

3.Have bigger dreams of a new kitchen or pool? Publish your project on the Easy Bids App and have local Service Professionals bid on your job. It’s actually that easy!

4.Purchase a new plant baby. Nothing like a little extra greenery to liven up your space!